Music at the Museum, however, was not content to remain within the borders of Rio de Janeiro, starting an expansion process in 1998, always with huge public success, full houses, regulars and support from the printed and electronic media, and it is already a reality in São Paulo (Museu da Casa Brasileira, since 07/04/02), Belo Horizonte (Museu Histórico Abílio Barreto, since 28/06/02), Brasília (Memorial JK, since 04/04/02), Florianópolis (Museu Histórico de Santa Catarina - Palácio Cruz e Souza), Curitiba (Museu Oscar Niemeyer), Porto Alegre (MARGS), Tiradentes (Museu Padre Toledo) and Niterói (Solar do Jambeiro).


With the expansion to Paris, the Series becomes international. He also produced, with the greatest success, Musique au Musée- Musée de Montmartre- Paris, giving an international stamp to the Series. In 2006, it held the 1st International Harps Festival in Rio de Janeiro, also with the greatest success repeating in 2007 in version II and already larger with 33 harpers from 25 countries, public and media success and now in its 12th version after continuous successes from III to XI RioHarpFestival.


In 2006, he performed a memorable concert by the pianist Nelson Freire at the Matriz de Santo Antonio in Tiradentes, celebrating the 9th anniversary of the Series, but before he started his foray into the academic area, promoting at the Brazilian Conservatory of Music the 1st Meeting of Entrepreneurship in the Musical Environment bringing together more expressive in Brazilian music (authors, critics, entities, musicians) as well as students discussing the new directions of classical music in Brazil.

From 2007 it expands to the Northeast: Monastery of São Bento and Palácio da Aclamação (Salvador), Biblioteca Epiphaneo Dórea (Aracaju), Historical Museum of Sergipe (São Cristóvão), Museum of Image and Sound (Maceió), Centro Cultural São Francisco (João Pessoa), Museum of the City of Recife- Forte 5 Pontas (Recife) and São Pedro Church (Olinda). It also expands in Minas Gerais, Ouro Preto (Santa Efigênia Church), Tiradentes (Yves Alves Cultural Center), São João del Rei (N.Sa. das Dores Church (Santa Casa Chapel) and Barbacena (N.Sa. do Church) Rosário) and in the interior of Rio de Janeiro: Niterói (Museu do Ingá), Paraty (Museu de Arte Sacra, Igreja de Santa Rita), Paulo de Frontin (Fazenda Todos os Santos), Petrópolis (Imperial Museum), Vassouras (Fazendas São Fernando, Boa Sorte and Santa Eufrásia).


Also in 2008, there was an expansion in its international incursion, concerts held in Portugal (Lisbon, Santarém, Alcobaça, Aveiro and Porto), in addition to the Czech Republic (Prague) and USA (New York and Washington) in addition to the holding of the I Young Musicians -Music Competition at the Museum whose winner received a grant of U $ 93 thousand from James Madison University, Virginia (USA) and the III Meeting of Entrepreneurship in the Musical Area, at the UFRJ School of Music.


For 2009, in addition to this expansion, there are also museums and churches in Salvador, Aracaju, São Cristóvão- the 4th. oldest city in Brazil, Maceió, João Pessoa, Recife and Olinda, Natal, São Luiz, Belém and Manaus, in the Music version at the Museu Norte / Nordeste and continue the previous victorious initiatives.