Initiate   in December 1997 at MNBA by guitarist Turíbio Santos, Música no Museu, became the largest series of classical music in Brazil and one of the largest in the world recognized by RankBrasil, the Brazilian version of the Guinness Book. Their numbers are impressive, reaching around 500 concerts per year, from north to south of Brazil, occupying around 2,500 musicians / year, in addition to an international dimension, since 2006 in cities in countries on all continents: Europe (Portugal, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Austria, Americas: USA (including Carnegie Hall in New York and LACMA in Los Angeles), Chile, Argentina, - Africa- Morocco, Asia: India and Vietnam and Oceania, Australia , taking musicians and Brazilian music abroad.

Counting today, albeit alternately or sporadically, only in Rio de Janeiro, with forty-two of the best Museums and Cultural Centers, palaces and libraries, in addition to beautiful Rio churches, synagogues and clubs, totaling 80 spaces not only in Brazil but also in outside. In these 19 years, it has registered an audience of over 700,000 people and a spontaneous media of thousands of records in all vehicles in Brazil, radio, TVs, newspapers, magazines, internet and even abroad, with highlights for articles in the New York Times, Le Monde de la Musique, among others.

Also the excellence of the project, which has already received numerous awards and national honors (Order of Cultural Merit, Golden Dolphin, Ambassador of Rio etc.) and international (Cultura Viva da Unesco), Latin American Awards, at PUC in Buenos Aires and now Lazos Hispanics- Cultura Viva em Madrid and generated the monograph by Marie Hoffman, from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Philosophische Fakultät III Institut für Musikwissenschaft und Medienwissenschaft Musik und Medien / Kulturwissenschaft under the title Die Rolle der „Klassik“ im öffentl die Konzertreihe „Music at the Museum“ (Musik im Museum) The Role of “Classical Music” in the Public Life of Rio de Janeiro and the Series of Concerts “Music at the Museum” (Music at the Museum) (classical music in public life of Rio de Janeiro and the Music Concert Series at the Museum).

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