• To form new audiences, facilitating and encouraging the presence of children and young people at concerts;

  • Encourage visitors to visit the museums where the series 'shows take place, creating thematic programs that combine the repertoire presented at the plastic arts events taking place at the French composers' program for Rodin's exhibition, from Spaniards to Spain's Splendors, etc. ;

  • Maintain a cultural diffusion event that reaches different audiences, with good visibility in the media, and that attracts music lovers;

  • Offering shows of a high artistic level at zero cost, since all presentations have free admission;

  • All presentations in the series have free admission;

  • Break the barriers between classical music events and other genres regarding the interest of the general public and the venues of presentations;

  • Encourage young musicians, giving them the opportunity to perform in prestigious venues, to an interested and knowledgeable audience, as is the case with pianist Pablo Rossi, then 14 years old, winner of the Nelson Freire piano competition, who has already performed with OSB at the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro, which opened the series in Florianópolis, in addition to Marina Spoladore, who also won the contest later and Silvia Theresa among many others;